Box Three Eight Eight is a talent and entertainment management and consulting firm that has a primary focus on musicians and entertainment brands in building and creating content (including recorded music), tv, film, digital platforms, touring and business infrastructure. We build marketing strategies for their likeness, releases (products), and brand campaigns.

Box Three Eight Eight strives to “create” and “innovate”. Developing strong talent and entertainment business that will stand through the test of time, and cut through the “traffic”. Our clients are diverse with diverse core businesses; including music recording, music publishing, technology, fashion, brand endorsement, licensing, touring, and television / film projects.

Provenance is an integrated multimedia production and entertainment company that will create, develop, and produce content to be distributed across a variety of platforms including film, broadcast television, cable, digital media, and emerging entertainment technological platforms. Provenance Media holds a portfolio of content and assets that have a particular emphasis on music based storytelling, and women. Provenance develops and produces projects in the initial stages of the creative process and also co-produces, invests, and collaborates with creators, writers, directors, and network studios. The media culture and personal identity of today is much more different than even a couple short years ago! Millennials and women are redefining the creative culture and how information and entertainment IS consumed. We speak to them! Provenance is uniquely educated and extensively experienced in the development, producing, management, marketing, and brand building process from creation to global market distribution. We specialize and our networks keep us in the midst of established and new/ fresh content writers, creators, producers.