MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2008New Blog Entry

I wrote my first blog entry about a year ago for BOX 388,and had so many drafts of those to follow it. The funny thing is that I received so many notes each weekresponding to it that I always felt it was premature to take it down. So days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. It is now the beginning of a New Year, and even though I still have the nicest notes each day responding to the them of communication in that first entry, I feel it is just necessary to move on as many would say.

Life is the greatest gift, and over the past month I have had several friends lose important people in their lives. Most notely is a dear friend that has lost their first born during child birth. It reminds you, especially during the month of December and the holiday season that more to life than the silly and unnecessary things we get obsessed with. If you are dark, then light will not shine on your life. You must pick up and move on. Happiness is a decision. So I invite you all into the light of happiness and ask you to choose the good things, even if some days you struggle to just come up with one, to focus on.

Today I am at the Sundance Film Festival. If you are ever lucky enough to attendsuch an event, please take advantage. It is my 8th year attending. Some years I am working with artists performing at various studio parties or corporate sponsored events, I have also come just to vacationand enjoy some skiing with a movie slide in here and there. This year it is a combination of the two.

Today I awakened to a new blanket of snow. It reminded me of how lucky and blessedmy life is. However, you have torecognize these things and not take them for granted. This is where light shines down and you decide if things arebad or good. I could sit around in my room and worry about the various disasters that are occurring with many of my friends, how I am going to get a long list of impossible tasks done, and most immediate, how I am going to get to my first appointment that is on MainStreet in Park City through a new batch of snow in the next 30 minutes. I decided that the universe wanted me to slow down and enjoy the beauty in front of me, not get stressed out, and put myself in a different frame of mind to tackle the many issues at hand (both serious and not serious).

As I went out in the freezing cold to catch a taxi or shuttle into town with my laptop. I decided I would begin to walk. It was freezing, and perhaps I would regret my spontaneous decision to be engulfed in being moved by a higher being, but for the meantime it was a delightful and peaceful journey. It made me realize (really I am not trying to be corney here) that you never stop to really think, ponder, examine, and enjoy. Life is what you make it. It really is! This is not a clich√©’. I decided at that moment that I was going to have the most productiveday, right here in Park City, but also find balance in it. You never know what life is going to deliver you. You never know what it may through in your path. If you are not emotionally prepared to accept it, you can get kicked around by your own inability to see the good in everything.